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Who will deliver my energy?
Your utility will continue to deliver the energy you purchase from us through their utility-owned pipes, wires and equipment. Therefore, you will continue to receive the same service and reliability to which you are accustomed.

Who will handle emergencies?
If you have an emergency related to your natural gas or electricity, you will still contact your utility who will continue to service your account as always.

How will I be billed?
You will continue to receive one bill from your utility company. When you enroll, U.S. Gas & Electric will be listed as the energy supplier on the supply portion of your bill. You will continue to write just one check to your utility for all of your energy costs.

Is there any supply delivery risk to the consumer?
There is no supply delivery risk to the consumer at any time. U.S. Gas & Electric delivers the energy supply directly to each utility. Accordingly, the transition is invisible to the customer. The utility continues to maintain the infrastructure of pipelines and wires, read the meters, and respond to emergencies so the customer receives the same high-quality energy, with the same reliability.

Are there any enrollment or switching fees?
Unlike many other energy suppliers, U.S. Gas & Electric will never charge enrollment or switching fees when you select us to supply your energy. We want to be sure that you are comfortable with your choice.

How do I sign-up?
Enrolling with U.S. Gas & Electric is easy. Simply complete the online enrollment form at www.USGandE.com/enroll or call (888) 947-7880, and one of our experienced Energy Consultants will guide you through the enrollment process, answering any questions you may have. There are no hidden costs or fees, and no minimum usage requirements!

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U.S. Gas & Electric is a leading energy supplier for commercial and residential customers. Our expertise resides in supplying energy to customers with a diverse array of energy usage requirements in numerous utility territories. Click here to enroll today!

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