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Energy Programs

USG&E has the ability to take advantage of open energy market opportunities; we move swiftly to react to prevailing and future market conditions.

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  • Fixed Price Programs
    Gain the security of knowing your energy rate with our Power Lock fixed pricing programs. With a contract, you can control your energy costs throughout the year. Click here to request a custom quote today!
  • Green Programs
    Our green programs offer a "Renewable Energy Solution" to meet your environmental and budgetary objectives. You can receive a 100% offset of your total monthly electricity and/or gas usage with these products.  Power Lock Green electric products offer fixed price security for 12 or 24 months, while our Power Flex electric products offer variable rates and month-to-month pricing, without a long term commitment.  When your natural gas account is enrolled in Carbon Smart, carbon offset credits will be purchased on your behalf based upon 100% of your monthly usage.
  • Index Plus Program
    Our Power Index Plus program is designed to give customers the ability to take advantage of wholesale natural gas NYMEX settlement prices while fixing any additional costs and associated fees. Once you secure your Power Index Plus costs formula with us, it will not change for the term of the program.
  • Variable Price Programs
    When you enroll into one of our Variable Price programs, you gain the flexibility of month-to-month pricing without a long-term commitment.
  • Flex Variable Price Program with 12% Rebate Promotion
    Enjoy our flexible Variable Price program along with the opportunity to receive a 12% rebate on your single highest month's supply charge after 12 months of service.

Additional benefits of selecting USG&E as your preferred energy supplier:

  • No enrollment fees;
  • Seamless transfer from your current supplier;
  • Exceptional customer service; and
  • Your utility will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, respond to any emergencies, and provide you with a bill which will list us as your energy supplier.
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